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"The team at Your Office Space highly recommend this savvy and well-established business." 
- Your Office Space 
"We at Your Office Space have received quality service and the highest level of professionalism from Business Live UK; They strive to put the clients’ needs first and do so with their charismatic and charming approach, which is the reason we chose (and continue) to work with them. 
They have personality, which is so important, and is what Your Office Space feeds on, as we are serviced offices with a large clientele. 
Business Live UK helped Your Office Space with our official re-launch event and because of the success of the re-launch, we’ve continued using their services, and they have recently helped us partner up with Bannatyne Health Club and Spa. 
They have also arranged MK Dons to sponsor one of our meeting rooms, which is very exciting. 
"Well done Victoria!" 
- Emilie Martin, Document Logistix 
“I’ve known Victoria for about seven years now, she is very inspirational, a great person to work with. I’m just very proud she’s pulled it off, yet again in Milton Keynes so well done Victoria!” 
"You couldn’t ask for anything more" 
- Theresa Pope, Dandi Patch 
“There have been some amazing speakers, I’ve had the opportunity to get up myself which is great for a small business and a new business like mine. Exposure wise, you couldn’t ask for anything more” 
"The advice that they are giving out is invaluable" 
- James Perry, Empyrean Construction 
“We’ve had talks with two types of investors today discussing what they particularly look for when investing in companies. So for a company like ours, where we are new and up and coming, it gives us a great insight into what these investors are actually looking for and what they want. The advice that they are giving out is invaluable.” 
"It’s a great opportunity for companies" 
- Iain Stewart MP Milton Keynes South 
"I think this is a hugely important exhibition which will really help cement Milton Keynes’ growing reputation as one of the leading places in the country to do business. It’s a great opportunity for companies already here to expand & network, and for companies thinking of coming here to see what Milton Keynes has to offer." 
"Business Live holds many opportunities in terms of diversity" 
- Deepak Kumar, Kinetic Recruitment 
“We believe that Business Live holds many opportunities in terms of the diversity of the businesses that come here. We’re in a big place, it’s informal, we can have a chat and we can establish links and contacts where we didn’t think it was even possible to do so.” 
"There is a real opportunity for Business Live to help a lot of businesses" 
Nuno Barroso, RockstarHubs International 
"We decided to sponsor the Business Live event with Victoria. Her bespoke events solution for companies was of particular interest to us because I think there is a real opportunity for her to help a lot of the businesses that we work with" 
"The audience are the right kind of people" 
- Tom Warner, Lord's Taverners 
“With Victoria’s events she sets up the tables to make sure you are sat with people who would be beneficial to you and your business. The audience there are the right kind of people, they’re at the kind of level where they are decision makers. They can actually listen to what you are saying and affect change.” 
"At o2 we’re a very large company, so getting to a local event like this in Milton Keynes is fantastic" 
- Kristan Raven, Telefonica o2 UK Ltd 2010 
"There’s a really great buzz in the room" 
- 4CM 
"We’ve found it really useful so far, there’s a lot of great companies here. Quite a lot of good passing traffic asking about 4CM & what we can offer, there’s also a really great buzz in the room so yeah, really useful and valuable." 
"Very worthwhile day because it gets our name out there & we get to intermingle and network with all these people." 
- Keith Mitchell, Lexus 
"Shows like this galvanise the local community" 
- Mark Lancaster, MP Milton Keynes North 
"It’s so important for Milton Keynes businesses to have a show like this; one of the key ingredients of future growth here is the economic growth that we must secure before we start building even more houses for people to live in. Shows like this galvanise the local community, they bring local business communities together & to have a central hub like this each year is fantastic for this city." 
"We’ve had some fantastic results from our campaigns using the unique Business Live service" 
- Grass Roots 
Grass Roots already had a well established database of blue-chip companies but wanted to spread their wings into the SME market. They came to Business Live UK (previously known as Rapid Sales Solutions) as they were looking to rapidly accelerate client acquisition and loved our hands on, hassle free and transparent approach. Grass Roots outsourced their entire new business acquisition to Business Live Uk for three years. Through directly targeting their ideal clientele, we managed to extensively increase their client base and connect them with high profile businesses such as The Orient Express & Trinity Mirror Group. "We’ve had some fantastic results from our campaigns using the unique Business Live service and would recommend them to anyone looking to expand their client base." 
"Business Expo 3.0 is THE business event to go to. The customer follow up has been great." 
- Sytner Group 
"It’s been a fantastic event" 
- Jan Flawn, CBE of PJ Care 
"It’s been a fantastic event, very well organized, very well planned and Victoria Beale who’s organised it has done a fantastic job." 
"We’re here to promote our brand and finding it great, we’ve networked with a lot of people" 
- Elliott Bickerdike, MK Job Show 
"We’re meeting lots of customers which we find useful and beneficial for both us and them." 
- Paul Hughes, Companies House 
"Today we’ve met lots of businesses from all over the country" 
- Helen Masters, Peninsula Business Services 
"Today we’ve met lots of businesses from all over the country, we’re here to promote our company peninsula & how we work within the local area" 
"We’re really impressed and pleased with the number of businesses here that we’ve been able to engage with" 
- James Cushing, Central Bedfordshire Council 
"A great opportunity for networking" 
- Hilary Chipping, SEMLEP 
"The value of attending a Business Expo like this is to get people to know your business in the area, to do business with other people and a great opportunity for networking." 
"It’s given us the opportunity to talk to a number of businesses" 
- Paul Adams, Luton Borough Council 
"What’s been really great about the business expo today is that it’s given us the opportunity to talk to a number of businesses. Some of them are in Luton, some of them are outside of the town, but all of them are interested in what the opportunities are in the town itself" 
"We can promote a lot of our business aspects" 
- Matthew Puttick, Milton Keynes College 
"Being here at the Expo today has been really important to us; we can promote a lot of our business aspects of the College to a lot of businesses. We’ve spoken to loads of businesses today already and we’re expecting a lot more as well" 
"Excellent service with some fantastic results! Will definitely use this service again!" 
- Aspire Personnel 
"The Business live team knew exactly how to generate new leads for our accountancy firm." 
- Keens Shay keens 

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