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Our individual services below highlight the various ways in which we can help your business flourish. However, no two businesses are the same, therefore our approach is always tailored specifically to target your ideal clientele. 


We believe that people buy from people ultimately, which is why attending events is suh an effective way to generate leads. However, it's difficult to know who will be in the room and whether they will be the right fit for your business - so why not just host your own live or virtually? 
Our events bring the business to you and they can be as small or large scale as you like! We ensure that each attendee either fits your ideal clientele profile or has a complimentary business to yours that can add further value to the event and draw in more potential clients. 
We will handle the entire process from start to finish, from venue sourcing to promotion, leaving you to focus on what's important - Your business! 
"We at Your Office Space have received quality service and the highest level of professionalism from Business Live UK. 
They strive to put the clients’ needs first and do so with their charismatic and charming approach, which is the reason we chose (and continue) to work with them. 
They have personality, which is so important, and is what Your Office Space feeds on, as we are serviced offices with a large clientele. 
Business Live UK helped Your Office Space with our official re-launch event and, due to the success of the re-launch, we’ve continued using their services, and they have recently helped us partner up with Bannatyne Health Club and Spa. 
They have also arranged MK Dons to sponsor one of our meeting rooms, which is very exciting. 
The team at Your Office Space highly recommend this savvy and well-established business." 
No two businesses are the same, therefore our events approach is always tailored specifically to your business and clientele requirements Contact the team today to construct your bespoke events solution. 


Not only do we promote your events through our own established network of c. 35,000 SME's, but we can even handle the promotion on your social media too leaving you to focus on the daily running of your business. 
Fancy something a little more in depth? Why not try our social media management packages where we take care of everything, from interaction to enquiry and all things in between! 


Are you struggling to or despise outbound calling? Or perhaps you would like to contact your ideal clients in a more direct fashion but are struggling to find the time? 
Don't worry! Our team can help you spread the word to your prospective clients and we believe in a direct approach! 


Press releases, flyers and media packs, If you've got something to shout about, we'd love to help! Let us know in the contact form below what you are looking for and one of the team will be in touch as soon as possible! 


Are you looking to have your event professionally filmed or photographed? Perhaps you are just looking for some new content to freshen up your website with? You may prefer to stay away from the camera entirely and record a podcast? 
If so, we can help! Simply let us know what you're looking for and we'll get in touch. 


Public Relations is an integral part of the lead gen and business development process. PR is vital for raising brand awareness, announcing a product launch, reputational management, launching an event and so much more... 
We work with some tremendous PR partners who have been carefully selected from the Business Live network and whom we have worked with for many years, encompassing a wide variety of industries. 
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