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Is networking going to benefit my business? Or will it just be a waste of my time and money? As a business owner, you've undoubtedly asked yourself these questions before! 
I'm sure we've all experienced our fair share of 'networking nightmares'; whether it's completely fudging up your 40 second pitch, or being stuck in conversation with someone who is literally ramming their business down your throat so much you could vomit. 
The truth is, 'networking' is NOT for everyone but it's important to try out some different styles before you write it off completely. 
We've researched all the different styles of networking and come up with a fullproof formula which will guarantee you get the most out of networking each and every time.  
Simply follow - S.L.A.T.T!  
Ask yourself; How is the event structured? Is it regimented or relaxed? and what structure is going to make me feel most at ease? 
You must feel comfortable. It's natural to feel slightly anxious, particularly if it's your first time but if you're a nervous wreck people will not want to do business with you. You only get one chance to make a good first impression so make 100% sure that the structure is right for you. 
...Location, Location - Where is the event being held? More importantly, where are your customers? It is crucial that you attend an event in an area that's relevant to your business to give you the highest chance of success. 
Who is going to be there? Are they the right fit for your business?  
There is absolutely no point in attending a local meeting for small business owners if your customers are multi-million pound global organisations. 
Sure, there is a small chance you'll meet someone there who could put you in touch with someone else but realistically, the most you'll be getting out of these meetings is a nice cuppa and a chin wag. 
Research your ideal customer. Find out where they 'hang out' and make damn sure you're there at the next one to meet them face to face! 
Timing is everything! Morning, noon or night - and even on weekends - networking events are always happening so be sure to pick a meeting at a time that not only suits you but is likely to fit with your client's schedule too.  
If your business and clientele is quite niche then this is a very important thing to bare in mind. Try to pick an event which is specifically tailored towards your industry or why not host your own event and get your customers to come to you?  
The moral of this story is: Networking can add value to all businesses, what matters most is where and how you do it.  
So, if you really want to build a relationship with your clients, then you'll need to stop hiding behind your screen and go meet them!  
By Chloe Evans,  
Director of Operations 
Business Live UK 
Be sure to check out our upcoming events to see if any of them fit with your S.L.A.T.T formula! 
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On 15th January 2020 at 12:04, Andy Axtell wrote:
Great formula, networking is essentially for any business and we do this continually either in a strategic or natural way. Understanding how you want to network, why you need to network and what the ultimate goal of networking is for your business is important so if you cannot answer those questions then maybe start with S.L.A.T.T.
On 14th January 2020 at 17:41, Hamish Gray wrote:
Nice blog, very useful!
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